Daily Discovery: Too True

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Dum Dum Girls’ album cover. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Dum Dum Girls’ excellent 2012 EP End of Daze hit all the right notes thanks to its atmospheric blend of indie-pop and garage-rock.  Their newest album, Too True, delves heavily into goth-rock. This territory is familiar to the band, yet never exploited by them this much.

Every song on Too True evokes the post-punk style popularized by bands 1980s bands The Cure and Joy Division, yet skews it in a distinctly feminine direction.  Much of this is owed to the strong presence of singer Dee Dee, whose sinuous vocals bring to mind another powerful frontwoman, Blondie’s Debbie Harry.  Dee Dee’s voice swaggers along with the ragged guitar and starry synths throughout the album.

The most glaring issue with Too True is that every song sounds identical to the next.  None of them impress outright. And while each seems to bleed cool, the entire package ends up hemorrhaging because they’re all so unoriginal.

Several songs are slightly more interesting than the others. “Cult of Love” provides the album with an upbeat, mysterious opener.  “Lost Boys and Girls Club” adds a little edge with its squealing guitar.  Advanced single “Rimbaud Eyes,” by far the song most reminiscent of the 80s, paints a smooth, moonlit landscape of sound.

Only one of the album’s 10 songs, closer “Trouble is My Name,” passes the four-minute mark.  While rock listeners may take issue with such short track lengths, those more familiar with pop will have no problems, and may even enjoy the comfortable mixture of genres offered to them. Overall, Too True attempts to cast a spell on listeners.  While some may find themselves entranced, others will probably fall asleep.