October Staff Picks

Ok computerRadiohead: OK Computer

Release Date: May 28th, 1997.

On Radiohead’s third album, OK Computer, the band illustrates lyrical themes dealing with the anxiety that is faced when entering a new millennium, as well as themes of politics and society at large. The band completely abandoned their guitar driven sound (as seen on their first two releases, Pablo Honey and The Bends) and leans more towards an experimental, electronic heavy composition. This album was the catalyst for their even more experimental album Kid A, which was released in 2000. Overall, OK Computer is a fantastic record that stays poignant even nineteen years after its release. Its influence is widespread, and its profoundness is particularly interesting in 2016, where technology keeps on advancing, and the politics of our world seem a lot more resonant.

Favorite tracks: Airbag, Subterranean Homesick Alien, Let Down, Karma Police, No Surprises.

Jesse Raymer- Assistant Music Director 

Let_Them_Eat_Chaos_Kate_Tempest_Album_Cover_Final_grandeArtist: Kate Tempest

Album: Let Them Eat Chaos

Release Date: September 27th, 2016

Kate Tempest’s new concept album Let Them Eat Chaos is one big poem that threads together political corruption, climate change, mankind’s consumeristic addiction and many other topics backed by tight, ominous, synthesized beats. 4:18am is the recurring theme that seven insomnia-stricken characters who face different problems, such as gentrification and addiction, revolves around. On top of creating destructive-yet-beautiful images of malfeasance by the rich and political leaders, musically this album grabs your ears and keeps them happy. This album deserves several listens to hear, and understand, all of the lyrics while enjoying the creative musical background. Tempest’s deep understanding of issues perpetuated by first-world countries on the rest of the world is channeled into a deep, powerful album that we can all learn something from. Amongst many powerful lines from this album is “staring at the screen so we don’t have to watch the planet die.”

Recommended tracks: Lionmouth Door Knocker, Tunnel Vision, Don’t Fall In (honestly just listen to the whole album through)

Richie Miele- Music Director 

frArtist: Frameworks

Album: Smother

Release Date: July 8th, 2016

Frameworks are lowkey running their own underground establishment of a new type of rhythmic hardcore that is blowing the old heavy style out of the water. Smother has this unique way of stealing the guitar voices of the early 00’s and twisting it into their own, darker agenda. Everything that happens musically in this record is deeply involved and connected to each and every sound and lyric happening around it. Frameworks are completed by their vocalist Luke Pate and his throaty, pit-satisfying roars. Compared to other records, Smother is more tumultuous and angsty, but all the more interesting. This is the time to get into hardcore if you’re still afraid of it. Meet your gateway, Smother.

Rachel Cazares- Program Director

an-odd-entrances-album-thee-oh-seesArtist: Thee Oh Sees

Album: An Odd Entrances

Release Date: November 18th, 2016

Thee Oh Sees newest album An Odd entrances is a follow up to their album A Weird Exits. Thee Oh Sees have always had an experimental sound but this album takes it in a different direction, featuring a highly distorted and dynamic flute solo right in the middle of the album. The garage band vibes and weird synthesizers are perfect for October heat and jamming in the car with the windows down.

Favorite Track: At The End, On the Stairs