Artist: Caravan Palace

Album: Panic! (2012)

Genre: Electroswing

Electroswing has something of a cult following. Not quite big enough nor widespread enough to be considered mainstream. And yet, not quite small enough to be considered an underground form of music. Regardless of its status in the music industry, when it comes to performers or groups in this genre, there are two names that are almost unanimously associated with it; Parov Stelar, and this group here, Caravan Palace.

Since 2008, Caravan Palace has proven to me to be an exceptional music group. Their first album- self titled, “Caravan Palace” can be thought of introducing audiences to the world of electroswing. However it is this album, “Panic!” that has perfected it! Nearly every song off of this album is an absolute delight to listen to. Clash, Rock it For Me, Dramophone, just about everything in the album is exceptionally well made and will undoubtedly stick with you after the songs are finished playing.

I will say, however, if you’re looking for deep lyricism or wordplay in the lyrics, this is not the album for you. There are lyrics for a number of the tracks on this album, but they are mostly just nonsense, or generic party lyrics. Not to mention that most of the time the words are often muffled and covered up by the surrounding instrumentals. Also to someone not invested into this type of music, the album can start to sound repetitive as it goes on. There are fourteen songs on this album, and I feel maybe five to six could have been cut and put onto another album with out losing the impact of their musical style.

Regardless of my criticisms, I still heartedly recommend this album to anyone wanting to explore new styles of music. The way the group expertly mixes their real instrumental sounds with the music is clever and well executed. Even though mixing jazz with modern sounds may not sound appealing, I can guarantee that this album with its upbeat style and catchy rhythm will be a joy to listen to for any music lover!


Russell Fidler

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