Frequently asked questions

and answers

What is Spinnaker Radio?

Spinnaker Radio is UNF’s student-run independent music radio station, playing mostly indie rock, pop, and hip-hop.

Where can I hear Spinnaker Radio?

You can hear Spinnaker Radio on 95.5 LP-FM on the radio if you’re within our listening area, online right here on this website through our player, at UNF on channel 171, or in the plaza at the Student Union on UNF’s campus.

What’s the listening area?

Throughout most of the Southside of Jacksonville, along with the intracoastal area and the majority of the beaches. We’re a bit spotty after you cross Southside Boulevard, but we’ve heard that we are loud and clear in parts of Arlington and even parts of Mandarin!

Who runs Spinnaker Radio?

Spinnaker Radio is run by UNF students. The station is led by the general manager, with a music director, tech director, program director, and multiple assistant directors. The majority of volunteer DJ’s are also UNF students.

How do I become a part of Spinnaker Radio?

We are always looking for new DJs. All you have to do is email or to get started. Check this document for more information about being a DJ for Spinnaker Radio.

What if I’m not a UNF student?

That’s cool! If we have any extra slots, we’d love for you to join us. Just email the above emails if you’re interested in working here.

I keep seeing stuff about specialty shows. What’s a specialty show?

A specialty show is a show that is outside of our live hours where there is a theme for the show. Specialty shows are usually reserved for our more experienced DJs, but if you have a cool idea and want your show to play, we’d love to hook you up! Specialty shows must have a theme, be an hour long, and must be played at the same time every week depending on the slot we give it.

Why do you play the music you play? I’ve never heard of a lot of it.

That’s the point! We play independent artists who deserve airplay. We work with a lot of promotion companies to get the music we get. A lot of the stuff you’ll hear will be big one day, just not yet. We played Sam Smith before he was big, Haim before they were big, The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons…. etc.

I’m a musician or in a band and want to be played on the radio! Where do I send it?

We will definitely listen to what you send us, but we can’t guarantee it will fit our format. If you think your stuff is good enough to be on air, send it to We’ll take a listen and see what we think.

Where is Spinnaker Radio located?

It’s in the east side of the Student Union on the 2nd floor in #2202. We’re open 10am-5pm M-F… come hang out with us!

Do you guys follow FCC laws?

Of course. We’re a low-power FM and that’s granted by the Federal Communications Commission. We follow all of their rules and strive to be excellent.

Is Spinnaker Radio part of Spinnaker Media?

Yes! We are one of the five branches of Spinnaker Media at UNF and work really hard with each of the other branches to give the community informative and entertaining programming.

What else does Spinnaker Radio offer?

We exclusively cover the Opsrey Basketball games, as well as give daily news reports, specialty talk shows, and more.