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Here we’ll update you on tracks our Music Director adds into rotation! You may email music suggestions to, but please note that we receive our music from promoters and therefore cannot play just any music- it must be sent to us with permission from promoters. All of our music is FCC Clean.

Our music is divided into three categories: Classic, Medium, and Heavy. Music in our Classic library includes any iconic alternative/indie tracks; these songs are usually at least 5 years or older. (i.e., “Disorder” by Joy Division or “Sunday Morning” by The Velvet Underground) Music from up-and-coming artists or lesser-known tracks by popular artists can be found in our Medium library. Lastly, the Heavy Rotation is exactly what its name implies: this music is played heavily because the tracks are either charting high, the songs are well-liked, or the artist is gaining recognition.

Adds as of 5/1

Classic Playlist

  • “In Bloom” / Nirvana
  • “Magic” / The Knocks
  • “This Is The Life” / Two Door Cinema Club
  • “505” / Arctic Monkeys
  • “Can I Kick It?” / A Tribe Called Quest
  • “Mirrored Sea” / Passion Pit
  • “Shuffle” / Bombay Bicycle Club
  • “I’m Sorry We Lied” / Blood Orange
  • “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” / Mac DeMarco
  • “New Slang” / The Shins
  • “Fred Astaire” / San Cisco

Heavy Playlist

  • “Rare Hearts” / The Growlers
  • “Keep It Surreal” / Ride
  • “My Gun” / The Rubens
  • “Tell Me Now” / Crystal Cities
  • “Power” / AJ Ghent [J-ent]
  • “Into Me” / Strange Names
  • “Circles” / Strange Names
  • “First World Problems” / Sam Levin
  • “Origami” / Woodes
  • “I Was on Your Side” / Lilyer

Medium Playlist

  • “Chinatown” / Girlpool
  • “Out Getting Ribs” / King Krule
  • “Northern Man” / HOMESHAKE
  • “Boy With a Coin” / Iron & Wine
  • “Cold Water People” / Ride
  • “Cut Me Loose” / Crystal Cities
  • “Sunlight Daze” / Mimicking Birds
  • “I feel like a failure” / shy kids
  • “Beginning to Fade” / In Tall Buildings
  • “Structure of Love” / VOWWS
  • “Inside Out” / VOWWS
  • “Artificial” / Moaning
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