Spinnaker Media offers various opportunities for underwriting sponsorships. Spinnaker radio is an FCC licensed low-power FM radio station. Tune in to 95.5 WSKR to listen to our great music and shows! When you purchase an underwriting sponsorship, we will be able to share your company’s support* for Spinnaker Media.

For more info, email us at business@unfspinnaker.com or visit our AdShop

*While we are thrilled to have your company supporting us, because of FCC regulations we have certain restrictions on our underwriting scripts. Spinnaker Radio is able to have sponsors, but we are not able to advertise specific events or promote calls to action.

Underwriting Announcements

A pre-recorded hourly sponsorship

                  Daily      Weekly   Monthly

2 Hours     $50        $90         $360
5 Hours     $120      $160        $430
8 Hours     $185      $225       $495

Play By Play Sponsorship

Organization sponsorship of UNF Basketball games

$500 per game
$5,000 per season

We are happy to design a custom packet for our clients if any of the options above do not fit your needs. Please contact business@unfspinnaker.com for more information.