Founded in 2015, ACE Academy is a nonprofit organization focused on teaching the lessons of life through the sport of tennis and empowering the next generation of athletes. At ACE Academy, we play for more than fun, we play for a future.

Each year, we host two summer camps for high school and middle school students. These camps are designed to help students focus on conditioning and coordination while developing a love for tennis. At the end of each camp, we take a few moments to debrief and connect tennis to a life lesson or important community matter. This allows us to act as a catalyst to influence and encourage positive change in each student's life.

Meet the Founders

Aryan Motwani Headshot

Aryan Motwani

Aryan Motwani is the founder of ACE Academy, a St. Louis-based nonprofit. Born out of his vision to bridge the inequality prevalent in inner-city St. Louis, ACE Academy was founded in 2015 out of his love for the sport of tennis and his desire to bridge this disparity. At ACE Academy we play for more than fun, we play for a future.

As Chairman and CEO, his duties are multifaceted and include curriculum development, fundraising, coaching, community engagement, and evolving to fulfill ACE Academy’s Mission.  

Each summer, ACE Academy leads the quest to teach the youth of St. Louis the lessons of life through the sport of tennis. We hold clinics for elementary and middle school students.

Currently a senior at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School, Aryan has played tennis since he was 9 years old. He has played on his high school tennis team since his freshman year. When he is not on the court playing tennis or pursuing his academic endeavors, Aryan enjoys experiencing new cultures through travel and photography.


Kashish Motwani

Kashish Motwani is the co-founder of Ace Academy. Her role with ace academy is multifaceted and involves curriculum development, community outreach, and social media engagement. Along with Aryan, She has also been active with summer clinics since the inception of Ace Academy. Upon her brothers transition to college she stepped up and began leading the tennis clinics.

Kashish is a senior at Mary Institute and Country Day School in St Louis and has played on her high school’s varsity tennis team since her freshman year. She has been the team captain since her sophomore year. She began playing tennis when she was 5 years old and has grown from the life lessons she has learned from the sport that she can apply to other aspects of her life. She is passionate about sharing these lessons so others can also learn.

When Kashish is off the tennis courts, she enjoys exploring the world through travel and experiencing other cultures through art. In addition to Ace Academy, Kashish works as a Teen Assistant at the St. Louis Art Museum, researching art and giving tours to children visiting the museum as well as helping with museum events. With every opportunity, Kashish continuously tries to enhance the experiences of the youth in the St Louis community.

Advisory Committee

Jon Dalton, Former Mayor, Town and Country, Missouri
Brandon Bosley, Alderman St Louis, Ward 3
Thomas Cameron, Tennis Pro
Mary Vassar, Executive Director, USTA, St Louis
Carobeth Kelly, Junior Competition Coordinator, USTA, St Louis
Roger Follmer, Tennis Coach, Wash U. of St Louis

Our Volunteers


Evan Erb
Senior, MICDS


Case Fagan
Senior, Kirkwood High School


Dillan Sant
Senior, MICDS


Grant Dahl
Sophomore, John Burroughs

Want to get involved?

Contact us at info@aceacademy.club