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11am- DJ Emily

Emily is new to the live radio scene, but still really passionate and excited about sharing music. During her live hour, she explores all of the music that really speaks to her. From all-time classics, to new stuff she’s got stuck in her head, Emily also takes listeners into a deep dive through unknown artists, songs, and genres. Join Emily on Monday mornings for a really unique musical journey

12pm- DJ Charlotte

Charlotte started her show earlier this year and is totally rocking it. Keeping with the indie/alternative platform of Spinnaker Radio, she loves sharing music from independent artists. During her live breaks, you can catch interesting artist trivia and fun facts about the music she is spinning. Come rock out to smooth indie vibes and become a trivia buff with Charlotte every Monday at noon.

3pm- DJ Isabella

Isabella is Spinnaker’s volunteer pro. Currently a board operator at WJCT, Isabella knows her way around a radio broadcast. Every Monday afternoon she shares her favorite bright indie pop songs in the Spinnaker library. She also keeps students informed and up-to-date on events happening on campus that week. UNF is a happening place and Isabella curates the perfect round-up of events you don’t want to miss out on!

4pm- Staff Hour w/ Lisa

Lisa is Spinnaker Radio’s general manager, and of top of that, is just an awesome person with really unique interests. During her live hour, Lisa talks about music production, singing, weight lifting, gym culture, and everything under the sun. Sit back and enjoy a chill hour hanging out with Lisa and enjoying Spinnaker’s classic lineup of indie tunes.


3pm- DJ Tate

Tate has been DJing with Spinnaker for two semesters now, and he really knows how to put on a good show. During his hour, he likes to explore the core values of music; we are all impacted by music one way or another, and Tate wants to showcase what that looks like within our community! A very music forward show, you don’t want to miss vibing with Tate and his essential indie picks.


10am- Staff Hour w/ Ashley

Ashley is new to the Spinnaker Radio team and absolutely killing the game! She brings an amazing creative vision and focus to every single project she works on, including her DJ hour.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear her talk about all the amazing ideas shes got in her head while she shares her favorite Spinnaker Radio picks with you on wednesday mornings.

11am- World Music Hour

WMH is a collaboration between Spinnaker Radio’s Program Director and UNF’s Literatures, Languages, and Cultures Department aimed at promoting multilingual inclusion at Spinnaker. Programming includes music spanning multiple genres, as well as multiple languages, such as Spanish, French, Mandarin, Kreyol, and more! You can catch World Music Hour live on WSKR every Wednesday from 11am-12pm.

2pm- DJ Jacob

Jacob utilizes his hour to showcase a wide variety of his favorite artists. He usually stays within the hip-hop genre, but also likes to change it up with some rock and pop picks, too. While his hour mostly spotlights the music, he sometimes also discusses songs and albums he’s really passionate about.

3pm- DJ Tate

That’s right! Tate is back at it again. He just can’t get enough of the live booth! Join Tate once again on Wednesday afternoons, or catch up with what he’s been doing if you missed his Tuesday show.


1pm- Staff Hour w/ Skylar

Every Thursday at 1pm, Skylar hops in the booth to play a mix of her favorite unknown artists and Indie classics. Throughout her Staff Picks Hour, you can count on short live breaks that include terrible puns, fun facts, feel good news stories, and any quality cups of tea she drank that week.

2pm- The Solar Crunch w/ Skylar

Thursday afternoons all bets are off because if there’s one thing Skylar can talk about, its the environment. The Solar Crunch includes every topic under the sun (pun intended) and explores a wide variety of environmental issues, as well as information on getting outside and enjoying nature. So set up your hammock and strap in, because this podcast is endlessly interesting and extra crunchy.


10am- You’re Wrong, Here’s Why

Spinnaker employees Bobby and Kevin can only agree on one thing: that they can’t agree on literally anything else. So if you think this podcast is going to be anything ordinary, that’s where you’re wrong, and here’s why…Buckle down for a two hour journey filled with discourse, disagreement, and a whole lot of laughs.

1pm- DJ Colin

Cure your midday boredom with DJ Colin’s classic indie lineup! Hear fresh tunes, underground artists, and listen to awesome little-known albums before they make their big break. Colin is here for a good time and good music to keep those awesome Friday feels up and running.

4pm- New Music Friday w/ Beija

Music Director Beija is always on the hunt for new and exciting music to add to the WSKR rotation. At the end of the week, she puts all of her adds together in a great mix of fresh tunes and talk radio. Hear Beija share her awesome picks every Friday at 4pm (sometimes featuring a co-host or two to keep the vibes flowing).